Business is inherently risky. HCDT provides risk management services that offer financial protection from risk, as well as identifying common risk factors and mitigating potential losses before they occur.

We start by evaluating the client’s business for potential risk and by analyzing past losses. That allows us to create a business insurance program with products tailored to the client needs.

HCDT’s insurance advisors also use their experience working with other companies, including others in the same business, to help clients identify ways to reduce risk. We may recommend changes in operational procedures or improvements in workspaces. We may also suggest an investment in specialized safety equipment, or modifications to office building access points, for example.

This risk management assistance helps clients avoid preventable financial loss and lawsuits, as well as a loss of “goodwill.” It can also improve a contractor’s profile when applying for contractor bonds

HCDT is committed to its role as a risk management partner for our clients. Business insurance and surety bonds are our products. Our most important offering is the service and advice we provide to help your business succeed and grow.