Contractor bonds obtained through HCDT Insurance Agency have been a key to success for many South Texas general contractors and subcontractors. Our experience and expertise in the contractor surety bond market helps clients build and expand their business. HCDT delivers:

  • Access to a broad market of surety companies—HCDT has long-standing relationships with many of the Top 20 writers of surety bonds nationwide. We are one of the leading bond-producing agencies in South Texas and have an excellent reputation with our surety partners. We understand surety requirements and the documentation needed to meet those requirements. This translates into better terms and more bonding capacity for our clients.
  • Expertise in contractor bonds—With decades as a bonding agency, HCDT has worked with many of South Texas’s leading contractors. Over time, we provide bonding guidance to clients, so they build credibility with the surety companies. That allows them to meet the bonding requirements for bids on larger projects.
  • Service that delivers—When that last-minute bond request comes up and quick turnaround is critical, you can count on HCDT to get the bond you need personally delivered by one of our team members to meet your deadline—if at all possible.
  • Confidentiality—Although we work with many area contractors, we hold every client and all their information with utmost confidentiality.