Timely, consistent delivery of surety bonds. That is how HCDT helps its clients get the work they need and improve profitability.  Construction companies and contractors in San Antonio and South Texas rely on HCDT to help them navigate the contractor surety bond market and identify a surety company that is best matched to the contractor’s needs and the company’s profile.

We have partnered with many of the area’s top contractors, and provide advice and access to surety companies that can meet the requirements of large bids as well as smaller projects.

If you are a contractor that is new to the bonding process, HCDT will guide you through the surety company’s documentation requirements.  We can offer you and your CPA direction, so your company’s financials and other pertinent information will be displayed in a format that surety companies require.

We have served as a leading source of surety bonding in the South Texas area for more than 100 years. Our experience may be the edge you need to win more and larger contracts. Simply put: We pay attention.